FAQ: How Tight Should Bowling Ball Thumb Hole Be?

How tight should Bowling thumb be?

Check your thumb You want your thumbhole to feel loose, but it needs to be tight enough that you can release the ball without gripping it. You shouldn’t need more than a piece of tape to accomplish this.

How should bowling balls be fitted for thumbs?

The hole must be contoured evenly throught the entire depth of the hole to ensure you do not have to squeeze the ball just to hold onto the ball. A properly fitted thumb hole allows you to use a tighter fitting hole than a loose one and still get out of the ball cleanly and quickly during your release.

How do I make my thumb hole smaller in a bowling ball?

In fact, most times the hole needs to be smaller. This can be accomplished by adding Bowlers Tape to take up space in the hole. Having a tighter thumb hole allows the ball to stay on your thumb without squeezing. Don’t worry about your thumb coming out when the hole is tighter.

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Do professional bowlers use the thumb hole?

Bowling balls are only permitted one balance hole. “It is not necessary to have a thumb hole if the bowler isn’t going to use it for gripping purposes and the ball has to be within our static balance requirements to be used during USBC certified competition.”

What causes thumb to stick in bowling ball?

When the thumb hole is too big for your thumb it can cause a bowler to overly grip the thumb hole in the arm swing which can make it hard to release it at exactly the correct time for a smooth exit by the thumb. The last main reason why a thumb sticks in the ball is because it is not at the correct angle for release.

How long does it take to get a bowling ball fitted?

First ball they should spend at least 40- 1 hr with you. Make sure you are buying the right one for you. More experienced bowlers, a lot quicker.

What does thumb tape do?

Most lifters wrap their thumbs to aid their hookgrip while protecting their skin from the knurling. Lifting on a sharp bar where the knurling is more abrasive (i.e., new bars in competitions), it becomes imperative that tape is used to protect the skin.

What is a thumb slug in a bowling ball?

What are they? They’re called many things; slugs, solids, inserts… whichever term you use, they’re all the same— a solid piece of material, typically made of urethane or vinyl, which is placed into a bowling ball’s thumb hole and drilled into to create a custom-sized opening.

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Can 2 handed bowlers have a thumb hole?

A two-handed bowler is required to use the same dominant hand during their delivery on both their first and second shots (this refers to the hand in which the bowling ball rests). They also have the option of utilizing a thumb hole or not— both are acceptable. However, only one set of gripping holes is allowed.

Is it legal to bowl with two hands?

There are some who cry foul, claiming the two-handed approach is cheating or illegal. The United States Bowling Congress (USBC), the sport’s national governing body, studied this issue early on and determined there are no rules violations using the two-handed approach.

Can you bowl with 2 fingers?

Most bowlers start experimenting with hooking by using a two finger release. With a little practice, this is very simple to do, and certainly has its advantages. First of all, two finger bowling means that you insert two fingertips (the middle and ring fingers) into the ball. The thumb is kept out.

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