FAQ: How To Clean Storms Shammy Bowling Towle?

How do you clean a bowling ball Shammy?

The Storm Shammy may be the best oil removing tool in the industry. Its never been easier to keep your ball clean for a more consistent reaction shot to shot. Simply hand wash the Shammy in a sink when needed and let air dry.

Can you wash a bowling ball Shammy?

Highly absorbent shammy removes oil to maximize ball performance. 6″ Disk design is easier to hold. Packaged in a zip-lock bag. Hand wash and air dry.

How do you clean bowling ball towels?

Throw it in a normal washer with your other laundry. Air dry to finish. Don’t use any sort of fabric softener. If you can’t/don’t want to put it with your normal laundry, wash it in the sink with warm water and some mild detergent.

What is a bowling shammy?

Product description. The Storm Shammy is the ultimate oil removing pad that will bring back the tacky feel to your ball to assist in a strong backend motion. The results are tangible and work on all types of bowling balls.When Micro Fiber Towels were introduced to the bowling industry, it was a perfect solution.

What’s in bowling ball cleaner?

Use liquid or gel, alcohol-based ball cleaners, also called ball polishers, to regularly clean your bowling ball and give it a nice shine. Bet ball cleaners with added de-greasers or surfactants to remove stubborn dirt. Surfactant cleaners raise dirt from the microscopic pores of the ball’s coverstock, or outer layer.

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Can you use any towel for a bowling ball?

Re: does it really matter what type of towel you use to clean your ball? Any type of towel will take off some of the oil. Microfiber towels absorb more oil than any other type of towel. IMHO, they are worth a little extra for the fact they are very effective in absorbing the oil.

Why do bowlers use towels?

Bowling towels are a massive addition for any bowler’s bowling bag. Not only do bowling towels wipe off excess dirt, oil and grime which cakes onto your bowling ball’s cover stock, but they also allow bowlers to wipe excess moisture and sweat off your hands.

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