Often asked: How Thumb Should Feel In Bowling Ball?

How do you know if your bowling ball is drilled properly?

After your new ball is drilled and the holes are beveled, contoured, and shaped to fit your gripping fingers and thumb, the new ball should fit like a glove without much looseness in the fingers or thumb holes.

Do you put your thumb in a bowling ball?

Most bowlers put their fingers into the ball first and then the thumb. Two exceptions to this are double-jointed or very flexible thumbs. These bowlers would put their thumb in first.

How do you keep your thumb straight in a bowling ball?

Make sure that your thumb is snug enough that with your finger and thumb in the ball you can hold it by your side, with a completely relaxed hand and arm and the ball stays. if that happens, wiggle one of your fingers and if the ball falls off, then you’re good to go, if the ball won’t budge, it’s too tight.

What causes thumb to stick in bowling ball?

When the thumb hole is too big for your thumb it can cause a bowler to overly grip the thumb hole in the arm swing which can make it hard to release it at exactly the correct time for a smooth exit by the thumb. The last main reason why a thumb sticks in the ball is because it is not at the correct angle for release.

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What is the dot on my bowling ball?

A Quick Explanation of a Bowling Ball’s Pin Not to be confused with the pins at the end of the lane, every bowling ball is marked with a colored dot, which represents the ball’s pin. The pin is vital in determining how to drill your ball to get your desired reaction on the lanes.

How deep should your fingers be in a bowling ball?

Make sure your fingers are inserted as deeply as the holes permit. If you’re a beginner, this should typically be down to your second knuckle joint on each inserted finger. Pro bowlers often experiment with more shallow insertions to put various spins on the ball as it leaves the hand.

Does a heavier bowling ball hook more?

More weight, therefore, gives you more pin action. Heavier balls also offer more effortless hooks because they move relatively slow and thus gives your ball time for hooking. On the other hand, lighter balls also reduce the strain that comes with rolling.

Is it legal to bowl without your thumb?

The rule states all holes in a bowling ball must be used on every delivery; any hole not used is considered a balance hole, making the ball illegal. Bowlers who do not use their thumb no longer can have a thumb hole, as it now is considered a balance hole.

Can 2 handed bowlers have a thumb hole?

A two-handed bowler is required to use the same dominant hand during their delivery on both their first and second shots (this refers to the hand in which the bowling ball rests). They also have the option of utilizing a thumb hole or not— both are acceptable. However, only one set of gripping holes is allowed.

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How far does thumb go in bowling ball?

6. The thumb must be inserted into the thumb hole of the ball down to the second knuckle joint as to allow the ball surface to rest on the palm of your hand and with the full extension of your thumb.

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