Often asked: How To Layout A Bowling Ball?

What do bowling ball layout numbers mean?

first digit is the distance in inches of the pin to your PAP. 2nd digit is the distance in inches of the mass bias or CG (depending if its a asym or sym core) to your PAP. 3rd digit is the pin buffer distance which im still trying to figure out.

What is a stacked bowling ball layout?

Stacked means that the pin and cg (pin and mass bias on asym) are the same distance from the pap. This position gives the ball maximum length before it starts reacting. Think hockey stick motion. So basically a leverage layout gives you the strongest motion, and a stacked layout gives you max length.

What is PSA on a bowling ball?

The preferred spin axis (PSA) on an asymmetrical ball is one of the most misunderstood topics surrounding bowling ball technology in today’s game. A majority of bowlers don’t realize how important it is and how much more the ball reaction can be fine-tuned when drilling an asymmetrical ball.

What is pin buffer in bowling?

The distance of the pin to the bowler’s initial PAP controls the amount of total flare. The PSA to PAP distance dictates how quickly the ball loses axis rotation (side roll). The pin to VAL distance, also known as the pin buffer, controls the shape of the hooking motion at the breakpoint.

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What is a dual angle layout?

In summary, the DUAL ANGLE LAYOUT TECHNIQUEâ„¢ is composed of three parts: the drilling angle, the Pin to PAP distance and the angle to the VAL. Adding the drilling angle and the angle to the VAL together will allow the ball driller to choose how quickly the ball will transition from skid to hook to roll.

What makes a bowling ball Illegal?

1 and that means effective today if you have a balance hole (or weight hole) in your bowling ball, it is officially illegal in USBC competition. It means if you have a bowling ball with a balance hole (typically drilled on the side and not used for gripping the ball), you cannot use it until that hole is plugged.

Can you drill a hole through a bowling ball?

Choose a hole configuration. A conventional grip is achieved by drilling holes deep enough so that your fingers and thumb are inserted into the ball up to the second knuckle joint. A fingertip grip is achieved by drilling holes that allow your fingers to be inserted into the ball up to the first knuckle joint.

What does drilling mean in bowling?

In case you are not aware of the term drilling layout, it simply means how and where the holes are mapped out for drilling holes into the ball for gripping purposes in relation to the bowling ball locator pin and mass bias marker. Drilling layouts are an important part of the ball selection process.

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