Often asked: How To Stay Behind The Bowling Ball?

What does it mean by staying behind the bowling ball?

In order to stay behind the ball properly, lead the forward swing with the ring finger all the way down to the release point. This will keep the ball into the body and allow you to stay more UNDER the ball until the flat plane of the swing.

Why can’t ti stay under bowling?

Your hand position during your back swing is what is causing the release issues with position. You need to work on keeping yours done at least behind the ball the whole back swing, if not even a little open (ball leaning a touch right) during your swing.

How tight should your fingers be in a bowling ball?

If you can’t line up the first bend/joint in your finger with the top of the grip without feeling discomfort or a pinch, they are too tight. The proper setup is only up to that first bend in the finger. You do not want your knuckle or deeper in the ball, it will cause pain and eventual finger injuries, as mentioned.

When hooking the bowling ball your fingers should exit the ball before your thumb?

It is important to learn to relax your thumb at the point of release. Your thumb should exit the ball first, leaving your two bowling fingers to control the hook of the ball. This promotes lift, rotation and most important – accuracy.

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How do you stop topping on a bowling ball?

There is no need to rotate your hand completely over the top of the ball or allow your bowling elbow to break toward the outside of your body when rotating your fingers. Keep your elbow and your hand behind the ball with your thumb outside your bowling finger positions and you will eliminate overturning the ball.

What is finger tape used for in bowling?

Bowling finger tape is used to reshape the gripping holes of your bowling ball, especially the thumb hole. This allows you to easily adjust your bowling ball grip to a consistent and comfortable pressure no matter what external factors impact the size of your fingers during play.

Can you bowl a 300 throwing straight?

Deep breaths can be very helpful in between shots, and many bowlers also like to repeat a positive affirmation of their choosing. This is not required, however, as 300 games have been thrown by bowler who throw a straight ball.

How do you palm a bowling ball?

With the ball resting in the palm of your dominant hand, put your middle and ring finger all the way into the two holes that are side-by-side, and your thumb in the hole under them. The holes should be the size of the fingers and thumb, and you should be able to hold the ball easily in the palm of your hand.

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