Question: Paper Mario Sticker Star Where Is The Bowling Ball?

How do you get the hook in Paper Mario: Sticker Star?

The Fishhook (parsed Fish Hook in British English) is a Thing in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is found at Outlook Point behind a Secret Door. The Secret Door outline is found at the bottom of the ledges in front of the sticker shop.

How do you wake up the wiggler in Paper Mario: Sticker Star?

When you reach Wiggler, Paperize the Trumpet Sticker on to the stump to wake him up.

How do you beat the fish in Paper Mario Sticker Star?

The Fishhook must be used to retrieve the fish. On land, it will attack by jumping on Mario and growing larger each turn. In this phase, the Thumbtack can instantly defeat it, though it will also heavily damage Mario. Once it gets too big, it will explode, dealing Mario a whopping 50 damage.

Where is the last Wiggler segment in Paper Mario?

Your search for the fourth and last Wiggler segment begins on an area with three floors of bushes. Upon walking, you notice a Blooper peaking out of the first level. Walk behind the bush and jump over the poison puddle. Once you get close enough, two Bloopers will surface carrying the last Wiggler segment.

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How do you get the trumpet in Paper Mario?

The Trumpet is a Thing in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is first seen in possession of a Goomba in Goomba Fortress. Once he notices Mario, he blows into it to wake up the nearby Bob-omb brigade. Later on, it appears at the top of the tower, collected just before the battle with Megasparkle Goomba.

How do you beat the Gooper Blooper Sticker Star?

Keep on damaging him untill he turns dark purple. Make sure to have the Sponge Thing Sticker with you! When he turns dark purple use your sponge sticker ONLY! At this point, when he attacks, the sponge will absorb the poison and throw it back at him.

What is a cheep chomp?

Cheep Chomps (also parsed Cheep-Chomps; originally called Bubbas) are big relatives of Cheep Cheeps that first appear in Super Mario 64. They closely resemble Boss Bass from Super Mario Bros. 3 in later appearances, and much like them, they attempt to eat Mario. 7

How do you beat the big cheep cheep in Paper Mario?

In the fight, the Big Cheep Cheep can spit at Mario, charge him, or boost its attack power. Mario can try to attack it, but it will keep diving into the water to recover HP. Mario must use the Fish Hook, to force the Cheep Cheep out of the water, then start attacking it.

Where can I find wiggler segments?

The Wiggler Segment is imprisoned behind a spider web by the Big Scuttlebug. It is found by Mario, but he cannot break the web because he lost his hammer. After Kersti and the hammer are retrieved, the Wiggler segment is set free. However, the Wiggler segment runs away and makes haste into Tree Branch Trail.

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How do you beat Tree Branch Trail in Paper Mario?

To free him, whack that spider web until Wiggler gets loose, and then as an act of gratitude, Wiggler will try to kill you. Pretty easy battle here – use distance items again (he’s a slippery guy). When he’s down (and remorseful), continue to head left to collect the last Tree Trunk Scrap.

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