Question: Where Is The Bowling Ball In Paper Mario Sticker Star?

Where is the sponge in Paper Mario: Sticker Star?

The Sponge is a Thing in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, found in Gauntlet Pond. In the area to the left of the final room with the Comet Piece, Mario must reach an island platform and hammer the Sponge three times to wring out the poison it is soaked in to collect it.

How do you get the goat in Paper Mario: Sticker Star?

The Goat is a Thing in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It can be found in Snow Rise after Birdo performs Swinging Swing and retrieves it from a distant mountain. It remains in Mario’s Album until it is turned into a Sticker at a Sling-a-Thing station.

What happens if you run out of stickers in Paper Mario: Sticker Star?

A trio of goombas ran up and attacked Mario when I started playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Instead of selecting fight or magic, Mario selects stickers on the touch screen to do different attacks. After you use a sticker it’s gone and a Nintendo rep explained Mario cannot attack if you run out of stickers.

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How do I get the last Wiggler segment?

Your search for the fourth and last Wiggler segment begins on an area with three floors of bushes. Upon walking, you notice a Blooper peaking out of the first level. Walk behind the bush and jump over the poison puddle. Once you get close enough, two Bloopers will surface carrying the last Wiggler segment.

How do you beat the octopus in Paper Mario Sticker Star?

Keep on damaging him untill he turns dark purple. Make sure to have the Sponge Thing Sticker with you! When he turns dark purple use your sponge sticker ONLY! At this point, when he attacks, the sponge will absorb the poison and throw it back at him.

How do you win Snifit or Whiffit?

To win it, Mario must pick the correct block three times. If Mario chooses a wrong one, then a Snifit will come out of it, which triggers a battle with poisonous gas. There is also a bonus challenge in the show, which is called Big-Bonking-Panic-Pick-And-Choose Snifit Bash.

How do you beat the shy guy in jungle?

SHY-GUY 1 will run straight towards you, hiding amoungst the bushes. In order to capture his bridge piece, you’ll need to corner him (I did this by taking out his henchmen, and then forcing him slowly into the far left corner). You’ll know he’s trapped because he’ll stop trying to evade you and just stand still.

How do you Paperize something in Sticker Star?

to use it. At the start of the maneuver, Kersti projects a blue afterimage of a crown. Then she stops time and flattens the visible area on-screen, turning it into a picture. Mario and Kersti, however, float over the “picture”, and Mario can choose stickers or scraps from his album to paste onto the scene.

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How do you save on Paper Mario Sticker Star?

The game saves automatically when exiting to the world map. Hit a Save Block while on a course or in town to save in- game. When continuing your game, jump back into the course to continue from the Save Block. Move Mario and choose a course to play.

How do you wake up the wiggler in Paper Mario?

When you reach Wiggler, Paperize the Trumpet Sticker on to the stump to wake him up.

Where can I find wiggler segments?

The Wiggler Segment is imprisoned behind a spider web by the Big Scuttlebug. It is found by Mario, but he cannot break the web because he lost his hammer. After Kersti and the hammer are retrieved, the Wiggler segment is set free. However, the Wiggler segment runs away and makes haste into Tree Branch Trail.

How do you beat Tree Branch Trail in Paper Mario?

To free him, whack that spider web until Wiggler gets loose, and then as an act of gratitude, Wiggler will try to kill you. Pretty easy battle here – use distance items again (he’s a slippery guy). When he’s down (and remorseful), continue to head left to collect the last Tree Trunk Scrap.

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