Quick Answer: How Much Is Bowling At Pinstripes?

Can you eat while you bowl at Pinstripes?

Pinstripes, located in south Overland Park, offers dining, bowling and bocce all in one location! First and foremost, be sure to make a reservation if you’d like to bowl or play bocce, as there may be a wait if you just walk in. You can choose to dine at the restaurant and then play or you can eat while playing.

Who owns Pinstripes bowling?

When Pinstripes founder and CEO Dale Schwartz opened his first location in May 2007, it was the culmination of a 20-year dream. After decades working in the biopharma space and co-founding a pharmacy, he wanted to create a place where people could spend quality time together.

Are pinstripes bumpers?

Not to worry though – there were plenty of lighter bowling balls to go around. One of my favorite things about bowling at Pinstripes was the ability to add bumpers only to specific bowlers. Perfect for family bowling. All that bowling is sure to work up an appetite and the Pinstripes Bistro has delicious food.

Are pinstripes kid friendly?

The lanes are typical but they really are conducive to kids (but don’t think it won’t be fun for adults only either!) First you can add bumpers to any player individually which I realized I should have added to myself since I got tons of gutter balls! My boys loved the bumpers!

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What do you wear to bowling pinstripes?

Pinstripes, a bowling, bocce, and Italian/American bistro that has no dress code, opened in The Shops at Georgetown Park over the weekend. Rental shoes are an additional $4, but you get to keep a pair of Pinstripes socks.

How many pinstripes locations are there?

Based in Northbrook, Illinois, Pinstripes has grown to 13 locations in nine states, with four in the Chicago area, and outposts in Cleveland, Fort Worth, Houston and San Mateo, California. A leading industry trade magazine named it one of the Top 50 Emerging Restaurant Chains.

Why is it called pinstripe?

Pinstripes are a pattern of very thin stripes of any color running in parallel often found in fashion. References to pinstripes can be found in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, where the Sergeant at the Law is described as wearing “a homely parti-coloured coat girt with a silken belt of pin-stripe stuff”.

Who draws the pinstripes on Rolls Royce?

One pair of hands has been painting the pinstripes on all Rolls-Royce cars for the past 17 years, and they belong to Mark Court. Court has been doing this intricate work since the company opened its Goodwood plant in 2003.

What pinstripe means?

: a very thin stripe especially on a fabric also: a suit with such stripes —often used in plural.

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