Quick Answer: Paper Mario Sticker Star How To Get The Bowling Ball?

How do you get the barrel sticker in Paper Mario: Sticker Star?

Barrels are stickers that can be found in Paper Mario Sticker Star. These are the last enemy dropped stickers that can be found in chronological order. These are dropped only by Broozers meaning this sticker can only be obtained in the level Bowser Jr’s Flotilla.

What happens if you run out of stickers in Paper Mario: Sticker Star?

A trio of goombas ran up and attacked Mario when I started playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Instead of selecting fight or magic, Mario selects stickers on the touch screen to do different attacks. After you use a sticker it’s gone and a Nintendo rep explained Mario cannot attack if you run out of stickers.

How do you get past the wind in Paper Mario: Sticker Star?

It appears that the wind destroyed his garden. To fix it, go into Paperize mode and place a combination of three Fire Flower and Ice Flower stickers. If you don’t have them, make sure to come back when you do – this Toad will give you an HP-Up for your troubles.

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Where can I find Infinijump stickers?

The Megaflash Infinijump is a sticker found in Paper Mario Sticker Star.

How do you beat the shy guy in jungle?

SHY-GUY 1 will run straight towards you, hiding amoungst the bushes. In order to capture his bridge piece, you’ll need to corner him (I did this by taking out his henchmen, and then forcing him slowly into the far left corner). You’ll know he’s trapped because he’ll stop trying to evade you and just stand still.

How do you save on Paper Mario Sticker Star?

The game saves automatically when exiting to the world map. Hit a Save Block while on a course or in town to save in- game. When continuing your game, jump back into the course to continue from the Save Block. Move Mario and choose a course to play.

How do you Paperize something in Sticker Star?

to use it. At the start of the maneuver, Kersti projects a blue afterimage of a crown. Then she stops time and flattens the visible area on-screen, turning it into a picture. Mario and Kersti, however, float over the “picture”, and Mario can choose stickers or scraps from his album to paste onto the scene.

How do you get the trumpet in Paper Mario?

The Trumpet is a Thing in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is first seen in possession of a Goomba in Goomba Fortress. Once he notices Mario, he blows into it to wake up the nearby Bob-omb brigade. Later on, it appears at the top of the tower, collected just before the battle with Megasparkle Goomba.

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How do you beat hither in thither Hill?

Use a simple Jump Sticker first to turn him on its belly, and then use a powerful Shiny Jump Sticker to deal some serious damage. Repeat this technique until Big Buzzy Beetle is down for the count! Defeating this mini-boss will give you an HP-Up Heart, which adds 5 hit points to your health meter.

How many toads are there in Sticker Star?

Once you have all six Toads, pull up the entryway to the next area on your right. The next area has another eight Toads that need rescuing: The first Toad is hiding behind a bush, while another Toad is stuck to a second bush. Use your hammer to rescue them.

What do leaf stickers do in Paper Mario?

The Leaf Sticker is a Sticker in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. When used, subsequent stickers will automatically score an Excellent, and all enemy attacks that turn will automatically be blocked.

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