What Is Feather Bowling?

What is feather bowling at Splitsville?

With a feather Upstairs at Splitsville is a new offering called feather bowling. It has elements of bocce ball, curling, shuffleboard horseshoes, and cornhole, Carver notes. The felt playing surface is about 18 feet long, raised to about waist high and it’s concave — arched from side to side.

How to score feather bowling?

The team with a ball or balls closest to the feather at the end of the round is awarded 1 point for each ball that is closer than the opponent’s nearest ball. In the United States, scoring points is not dependent on their location in relation to the feather, other than being closer than the opponent’s balls.

In what state were they playing feather bowling?

Feather bowling, an obscure Belgian sport similar to bocce ball, is thriving at Detroit’s Cadieux Cafe. The object of the game is to bowl a wooden disk down a concave lane and land it as close as possible to a single feather.

How much does Splitsville bowling cost?

The bowling rates at Disneyland’s Splitsville vary depending upon when you visit. Monday through Friday, from open until 4 p.m., it’s $19/bowler. After that, it’s $24/bowler. On Saturday and Sunday, it’s $24/bowler the entire day.

What is mini feather bowling?

This Belgian inspired game closely resembles that of curling, but without the ice or brooms. Wooden balls, resembling cheese wheels, are rolled down a trough-shaped alley towards a feather sticking out at the end of the lane. The object of the game is to get the ball as close to the feather as possible.

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